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This is the Second Line of The 3 Line System

Shopify Wants You to Pay $2,000 a Month or $24,000 a Year But, I'm Handing It to You for $2! This is the Second Line of The 3 Line System
The 3 Line System has "Lit Up" Shopify Conversions like Grammy Award Winning Artist Akon, lit up West Africa.
"We went from a 1.3% Conversion rate to a 4% Conversion rate!"-Jeannell eCommerce Founder
NBA Champion & Hall of Famer John Salley's knows The 3 Line System is for Winning Ecom Stores!
The main 3 Line System turns data into profit boosters on your product and cart pages.

And with what you’re about to see...

You can turn data into profit boosters on your Checkout Pages too.

When we use this in other stores we see:

1. 40% ADDITIONAL Conversions: meaning even MORE sales on the same ad spend and

2. Substantial Increase In The Strength and Speed of Your Pixel: Sending You Better Customers Faster

Here’s what ADDITIONAL Conversions look like when you use Checkout Page Profit Boosters

This is a total of
7,772 More Units Sold
and $242,113.23 EXTRA Sales
using the
Checkout Page Profit Booster

When more customers buy on their first interaction with your store, you get smarter and faster pixel data bringing you better customers…
More Customers Who BUY NOW
And that’s exactly what the Checkout Page Profit Booster is going to do for you.

Get More Customers Buying Now.

And this profit booster helps Improve Data for ALL Platforms…

Facebook? Yes

Google? Yes

Pinterest? Yes

Instagram? Yes

Snapchat? Yes

Bing? Yes

Until now I’ve only shared the Checkout Page Profit Booster with my $5,000 Group Coaching Students.

But because you trusted me by investing in The 3 Line System, I want to help you maximize your efforts.

So I’m going to make you another CRAZY offer.

Only Here. Only Now.

In the near future, this will only be available for $97 up front, but because you just invested in The 3 Line System and I want to help you get even better results…

I’m offering you the Checkout Page Profit Booster for:
As an Added BONUS I’m also going to give you:
The 3 Line System
Extra-Strength Ad Account Switch
This simple switch, that even a lot of media buyers miss, is how you defend your ad account from the dreaded “Disabled Ad Account” notification.

I paid $2,500 to learn this simple switch.
And now it’s yours for free when you buy the Checkout Page Profit Booster.

In 10 minutes you’ll learn how to turn this critical account switch on immediately.

I Forget about the risk of your account being shut down. This is how you make the algorithms LOVE your account.

I Erase the stress and worry of disabled ad accounts.

I All Included with your Checkout Page Profit Booster for
And you’re still covered by my 2-Part Triple Your investment Money-Back-Guarantee

1. You have a 30 Day 100% No-Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

2. ​And you’re covered by my 1 Year Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t Triple Your Investment from The 3 Line System AND the Checkout Page Profit Booster, I’ll pay you back double what you paid for access.

This is another easy choice.

Remember in one case this has resulted in 7,772 More Units and $242,113.23 Extra Sales.

And you get access at an exclusive price as a 3 Line System buyer.
Only Here. Only Now.


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