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Tieron Spear has an impressive career that spans across continents.

An 8 year veteran of the United States Marine Corp, he’s spent time as a government contractor in the oil industry and has also worked in executive protection, providing security for...

U.S. Diplomats, Presidents, The Royal Family and foreign dignitaries while on tour in The Middle East.

After leaving the Marines, Spear reduced operational bottlenecks at Blackwater and Haliburton, saving them upwards of $110 million and receiving awards for his work.

Whilst funding and launching a Foreign Direct Investment Project in Nairobi, Kenya to build a - 3 Million gallons per month - water bottling plant.

While overseas, he began his journey into digital marketing for eCommerce when he founded his own eCommerce company, selling private label beauty products on Amazon and Shopify and scaling the brand to seven figures.

He’s since launched and scaled multiple companies to seven figures using his digital advertising, operations, and leadership acumen— including a full-service hair salon and wholesale hair company— and has Angel invested in a number of beauty brands and...

...digital product businesses.

JerryC_Academy Awards

Most recently, he has launched a series of installable SaaS products developed to increase conversion rates on stores and has consistently added $260k to...

$1.3M to brands' bottom line in less than 90 days without increasing their advertising costs.

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Resourceful and driven, Tie is emerging as a voice of authority in the eCommerce space when it comes to digital marketing and more specifically, conversion rate optimization for store owners.

He regularly gives talks on scaling, growth, and optimization around the country and finds joy in teaching others how to turn their passions into profits.

Tieron frequently consults brands featured in...

When Tieron isn't busy diving into data, he enjoys a bit of excitement with his wife-to-be, Kai.

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